Welcome to RHC Paintball Fields-Northern Illinois Leading Paintball Destination


We are the newest Chicago and Milwaukee area paintball destination. We specialize in kids birthday parties, awesome bachelor and bachelorette parties, youth group outings,Walk-on play, and company team building events.

Our Primary goal is for you to have a safe, exciting paintballing experience at our RHC Paintball Fields. We are open April through September. Our hours of operation are Thursday-Sunday 8AM to 3PM for open game and Monday - Sunday for Private Games of 10 or more players by reservation only. We offer eight action packed themed fields, one speedball field, and a challenging shooting range. We have a clubhouse open for breakfast and lunch, as well as a full service bar every weekend from 7AM to 2PM.

We are near the Illinois-Wisconsin border and a short drive from Lake Geneva, WI. Our paintball fields are located at 5016 Illinois Route 173, Richmond Il 60071 (just 1/2 mile south of Illinois Route 12.)


Theme Paintball Fields:

Doomsday- Consists of a junkyard paintballing theme with a plenty of bunkers such as brush piles, boats, trailers, and other obstacles like old abandoned cars.

The Last Frontier Fort- 60x60 fort in the middle of the wild frontier, with thirty bunkers around it and eight bunkers inside it, and five sniper towers outside, with stairs to the three foot walkway to the four sniper towers around the top of the fort.

Hoochie Koochie Moonshine Run- Designed as an old whiskey distillery with two whiskey shacks, sniper towers on opposite ends with dugout bunkers, and old tires - all set inside a wooded area with plenty of natural bunkers.

Gold Rush- Built to similate a real western town with 6 buildings for cover including outhouses, wooden spools, and trailers.

Meatgrinder- a 100x150 field that will test even the best paintballers abilities with close quarter combat.


Also have four other fields two built out of all brush and wood for the old school paintballers, while also having a barrel field similar to speedball with quick play, and a 100x150 speedball field for the new school.


To find pricing for paintball gun and equipment rental, general admission, and paintballing special events, visit our pricing page. For reservations or more information, call us at 815.678.3271.